Monday, 4 February 2013

R3 Press Conference - Best Tweets

@Davidhepworth - Richard III not the last Englishman to take ages getting out of a multi-storey car park.

@stephenmangan - Richard III facial reconstruction astonishing

@theJeremyVine - No sooner does Richard III emerge into the 21st century than he discovers the brutal realities of the 24-hour news cycle #Huhne

@justinmoorehouse - NCP lured Richard III in with a January Deal. It was the winter of discount rents. I am so ashamed.

@mrdanwalker - If it really is #RichardIII he faces one of the biggest unpaid parking fines in all Christendom.

@Historyneedsyou - The memorial plaque to #RichardIII in Leicester Cathedral - it may be that his remains will finally be interred there

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